What I Offer

Oliver is available to speak on a variety of topics.

His messages can be directed towards both youth as well as adult audience.

Live Speaking Sessions

Every speaking session offered by Oliver is 60 minutes long. Oliver loves to be able to provide Q and A time for those that need to connect with him. Please select from any of the speaking topics below, or if you would like to discuss another topic please feel free to email us for more details.


Oliver’s Story and Personal Reading Journey

As a lively young boy Oliver struggled with learning to read in school. After having a son in his 30’s he decided that now was the time to learn to read. He took his personal story to TikTok and reached millions of fans who have encouraged him on his literacy journey.


The Importance of Reading and Literacy

Having struggled to learn to read in school Oliver provides a powerful first hand account on the importance of reading and literacy and how it impacts your life.


Using Reading to Overcome Difficult Circumstances

While on his journey to teach himself to reach Oliver realized he has OCD and dyslexia. Never one to give up, Oliver has found unique ways to use reading to help him overcome difficult circumstances in his life.


The Power of Self Improvement – Using Reading to Improve Personal Development, Mental Health and Mindset

Oliver has used the power of self improvement to help improve his entire life. Oliver shares how everyone can improve their lives through books.

“Oliver has been such an invaluable visitor for my literacy courses. He has ‘visited’ twice and is coming for a third time to discuss the book he is reading alongside my classes. The students are really enjoying hearing from someone who isn’t their teacher but still chooses to be there. Oliver has such a unique and important perspective on learning, reading, and self-growth and is able to share his thoughts in a way that truly¬†means¬†something to the students. He reminds them that who they’re really doing school for, is themselves, and it’s that they have to answer to. I am so grateful to have come across his videos and story and know he is helping my high school students refocus and regain perspective as they work their way toward graduation.”¬†

-Susie S. Bonny Eagle High School